How many employees are in the City’s Utility Division?

The City’s Utility Division has a total of 17 employees that include three supervisory level employees, one administrative assistant, one construction inspector and 12 field operations employees. The field operations employees operate and maintain the City’s 100+ mile water pipeline distribution network, 100+ mile wastewater collections system pipeline network, ten lift stations, five potable water pump stations, two elevated storage stations, five ground water wells and all appurtenances that are associated with the operation and maintenance of the core systems 24/7/365. All field crews hold both water and wastewater licenses and maintain their licenses as required by TCEQ. The City Council and City Manager have endorsed the staffing level of the Utility Division as the number needed to effectively and efficiently manage, operate and maintain the Highland Village utility system.  The City has maintained the same number of employees in the Utility Division since 2008.

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