Why has maintenance costs increased?
Numerous unfunded mandates have occurred over the last 10 years:
• Backflow program
• Valve maintenance program
• Sanitary sewer overflow (SSOI) program or I&I programs.
• No lead mandate – This increased the cost of repairs significantly (cost of fittings).
• Chemical analysis mandates – UCMR2, UCMR3, UCMR4
• Creation of the NTGCD (North Texas groundwater Conservation District)
• Nitrification Action plan – additional sampling.
Other factors:
• Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Flooding in City last few years resulted in significantly increased sewage treatment cost from the UTRWD, due to storm-water entering the sewer system. (The sewer system is a closed system, but infiltration via manhole covers, uncovered sewer clean-outs, etc. allows storm-water to penetrate, especially with flooding). Associated capital project to locate and correct inflows into system added to this cost.
• Automated Meter Read program (AMR) projects in 2012 and 2014.
• Water meter cost increases from approx. $50/each to approx. $200/each for a ¾” water meter
• Operators license fee increases

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1. Why has maintenance costs increased?
2. Have maintenance costs increased only in the past year, or over the past ten years when rates were unchanged?
3. What conditions existed that made it possible to keep rates unchanged for ten years?
4. Are financial records available for public review showing projected maintenance costs, loss of revenue from decreased demand, and projected increase in revenue to be used to offset maintenance costs?
5. Citizens and leaders generally try to avoid large increases in taxes, costs and fees. What changes did the City not anticipate in order to avoid this large and unexpected increase?
6. What corrections will the City Council implement to ensure that future unexpected and large increases will not occur?
7. Has any long term planning been done on projected water costs and usage for the next five years?
8. What has the City done to be more efficient? Could cost savings come from reducing staff and expenses?