How do I rezone property?

a. Submit rezoning application to Community Development. The application must include a description of the property to be rezoned (drawing, survey, metes and bounds), the applicable fee, and zoning request (what the property is currently zoned as and what change is being requested). b. Staff will review the request and publish the appropriate public hearing notices for Planning and Zoning (P&Z) and City Council. c. Ten days prior to the zoning change being sent to P&Z, letter will be sent out to every property owner within 200' of the subject property. d. The zoning change request is considered first by the Planning and Zoning Commission with a public hearing and a recommendation made to City Council to grant the request, deny the request or grant the request with modifications. If the P&Z feels they do not have enough information to consider the request, they can postpone the item to allow for additional information to be furnished. The City Council cannot take action on the item until they receive a recommendation from P&Z. e. The Council must then hold a public hearing prior to consideration of the item. If the recommendation from the P&Z Commission was to approve, approval of the item requires a majority of Council voting in favor. If the recommendation from the P&Z Commission was to not approve, the item would require a super-majority vote of Council to approve (6 votes). With approval of two reads of the amending ordinance, the zoning change is in effect.

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1. How do I rezone property?
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