Vial of Life Program

​What is Vial of Life?

The Vial of Life is a plastic container that holds potentially life-saving information in case you are found unconscious or unable to communicate with emergency medical personnel.

In a medical crisis, emergency medical personnel such as paramedics and firefighters are trained to look for a Vial of Life container in your refrigerator.  Because time is of the essence in life threatening emergencies, your Vial of Life medical information assures accurate and rapid response in your home, in the ambulance, and at the hospital.
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​Vial of Life Benefits Many!

The Vial of Life can be a helpful way to organize your medical information in one convenient place.  Even if you are conscious and able to speak, you may not be able to recall some pertinent information needed immediately in order for medical personnel to begin treatment.  Those few minutes may save your life or the life of someone you love.

​Instructions for Using the Vial of Life:

  • Complete the Patient Information Form included with the Vial of Life container.
  • Use pencil for information, like medications, that may change and to keep medical information up-to-date.
  • Use one form for each member of your household.
  • Keep the completed forms in the Vial of Life container.
  • Make extra copies of the completed form to keep in your wallet, car, or other handy places.
  • Roll the Patient Information Form up and place in the vial on the top shelf of your refrigerator
  • Review information at least annually.  Ask for new forms if necessary.
You may pick up additional "Vial of Life" packets from the Highland Village Fire Department Administration office located at:

1200 Highland Village Road
Highland Village, TX 75077

When you pick up your packet, we will take down pertinent information from you and pass it on to our dispatchers.  That way, when an emergency is called in from your address, the first responders will be notified that you have a "Vial for Life" in your refrigerator.

For additional information or questions, please email or call the HVFD Administration at 972-317-0890.