Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We are committed to promoting a spirit of integrity, partnership and excellence of service for the benefit of our citizens, guests and neighboring communities; to ensure that Highland Village continues to be a vital and dynamic city with a vision for the future.

Organizational Values


We are dedicated to a high ethical culture, high moral standards and honesty in our dealings with the public and each other.  We will treat all people with dignity, respect, and fairness.


We will provide excellent service to the public in the most responsive, efficient, and effective manner.


We value teamwork, empowerment, and a spirit of cooperative effort from all employee levels within the organization and the community.  We believe that the employees of the City are our most valuable resource.  Each employee's contribution is the key to our success.


We will be a responsive City organization, dedicated to maintaining a well-trained and competent workforce to enhance the quality of life in our City.


We believe in simplicity, accuracy, and clarity in communications with the public and each other.  We encourage the open exchange of ideas and information.


We are committed to a financially responsible local government, one that is cost conscious and concerned about the effective and efficient delivery of services to the public.


We value innovation and creativity, and support a culture for change and reasonable risk-taking at all levels of the organization.