Monitor Your Water Usage

EyeOnWater - The Water Monitoring Site

Why should I sign up?

  • Have you ever wondered how much water you actually use with your sprinkler settings? This will allow you to see your daily - even hourly - usage and plan accordingly.
  • Set up alerts to notify you when you have a potential leak, creating a potential cost savings for you.
  • Verify your meter reads on a regular basis.

Having Trouble Logging In?

The Eye on Water app provider performed an update that may or may not have affected your ability to access your Eye on Water account from you smart device. If you experience any trouble logging into your Eye on Water account, it is recommended that you uninstall and reinstall the Eye on Water app to resolve the issue.
Step 1
Create an account at EyeOnWater. Be sure you have
the following ready:
  • Your Zip Code
  • Account Number (including the dashes, i.e. 01-2345-67)
  • Valid Email Address (this will be your username)
Email Confirmation.jpg

Step 2

Create a password and confirm your email address. Once you have confirmed your email address, registration is complete!

Now that you have successfully registered on EyeOnWater, here's what is next!

The EyeOnWater website is intended to help you understand how much water your household uses throughout the day and as a tool, through the notifications, to inform you of a potential leak. Hourly water meter readings are captured four times a day in six hour increments and may take up to 72 hours to be displayed graphically. The graphical representation begins in ten gallon increments. The meter reads used by Utility Billing are not obtained from the graphs shown on the site. Your billing cycle usage amount represented on your bill should equal the usage for the same time period represented on the EyeOnWater site.

If you have questions regarding Eye on Water, your utility bill, or how your meter is read you can email us or call us at 972-899-5090.

Want to receive an email from the City notifying you when we begin water conservation measures? Sign up at Notify Me.