Summer Safety Tips

Summer is a good time to review some basic safety tips to keep you, your family and pets safe:

Vacation Watch
When leaving town put your house on vacation watch. Have a neighbor keep an eye on your property, pick up your mail and newspapers. Leave lights on a timer and garage any vehicles. To submit an online vacation watch request click here.

Fireworks are illegal to possess or discharge in the city limits. Violators are subject to fines up to $500.

Curfew violations occur for those 16 and under after 11pm on Sunday through Thursday, and after midnight on Friday and Saturday. Violators are subject to fines up to $500.

Latch Key Kids
Is a term used to describe children who stay home alone for some part of the day, usually while the parents are working. Children in self-care are about three times more likely than those supervised by adults to be involved in accidents, engage in delinquent behavior or be victimized. If children of responsible age and maturity must left alone make sure they have a list of phone numbers for friends, family and neighbors. Have them establish a check-in schedule with mom or dad. No visitors should be allowed while the parents/guardians are gone.

Swimming Pool Safety
Place barriers around your pool to prevent access. Never leave children unattended - even if they know how to swim.

Lake Safety
Always wear a personal flotation device. Avoid alcohol. Never swim alone. Don't overload your boat or operate it at an unsafe speed. Be respectful of others regarding boat operation and noise nuisances.

Underage Drinking
It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, possess, consume (except in the presence of their parent or guardian), become intoxicated or drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages. As always, we rely heavily upon parents to assist us with managing this growing problem. Don't be a party to underage drinking.

Children and Pets Left in Vehicles
Hot temperatures can be fatal to young children and pets left in vehicles. A child under the age of 7 may not be left unattended in a motor vehicle for longer than five minutes. A child is considered supervised if accompanied in the vehicle by someone age 14 or older.

Loitering and Unattended Youth
Please, if you are leaving your teenage children unattended at the retail areas in Highland Village…counsel them regarding safety and appropriate behavior. If the Highland Village Police have cause to interact with your unattended child regarding their conduct you will be contacted and offered the option of responding to the location to assist in resolving the problem or your child may be issued a court citation or taken into custody.

As always we expect our citizens to assist us with policing our community. We know we can count on you! Thanks for your support.