Youth Curfew


Who does the curfew apply to?

The curfew is in effect for all youth under the age of 17.

What are the hours of the curfew?

Sunday - Thursday: 11PM - 6AM
Friday & Saturday: Midnight - 6AM

Are there any exceptions?

The following exceptions are taken into consideration when a youth is contacted after curfew hours:

  • With a parent or authorized adult
  • To/from place of work
  • To/from church, school or other place of assembly or worship
  • An emergency errand

What happens if my child is found out after curfew?

If your child is contacted by police for a curfew violation, they may be processed through our Police Involving Parents (PIP) program or issued a citation depending on the circumstances. 

Special Rules at The Shops at Highland Village

1701 Shoal Creek, Highland Village
The shopping center code of conduct states that after 7:00 pm, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in The Shops at Highland Village’s public areas. This policy does not apply to those who may be working, dining or shopping at The Shops at Highland Village.  Any person who fails to comply with the request of SHV management or security may be asked to leave the property and/or criminally trespassed.