Heed the Speed
Speeding is a contributing factor in many crashes. Some drivers think speeding is an acceptable risk because they believe the worst that can happen is receiving a speeding ticket. They are wrong. Speeding:

  • Extends the distance required to stop your vehicle in emergency situations.
  • Reduces your ability to obey red lights and stop signs.
  • Reduces your ability to steer safely around curves or objects in the roadway.
  • Decreases your field of vision and your peripheral vision (on both sides).
  • Increases the chances that you will lose control of your vehicle.
  • Reduces the effectiveness of seat belts and airbags.
  • Increases probability of death or injury if there is a crash.

Know the Speed Limits

Posted speed limits do not indicate the speed you should travel; they are the maximum speeds permitted if conditions are favorable. The next time you head out, know and obey the rules:
  • Use common sense. Slow down in bad weather, at night and when driving on poorly lit roadways.
  • Slow down in school zones and playground areas. Obey all posted speed limits.
  • Observe and follow all posted speed limits when travelling through a construction zone

The few minutes you might save by speeding aren't worth the potential losses: fines, damages, and potential injuries or death.