Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor Warning Sirens
I hear the sirens! Now what?
Living in North Texas, you have all heard the sound of what has been commonly called “Tornado Sirens” at some point. The decision to activate these sirens is part of a comprehensive planning model designed by Highland Village public safety officials.
In order to help you better understand these sirens and what YOU can do to be prepared, we have developed the following Emergency Preparedness message.

What do the sirens mean?

The correct name for these sirens is “Outdoor Warning Siren System”. The sirens are intended for exactly that - to warn citizens participating in “outdoor activities” of pending severe weather conditions. Once the warning sounds, citizens are encouraged to:
  • Immediately seek shelter!
  • Tune into national/local news service (television or radio)
  • Prepare for possible emergency.
Note: It is important to understand that these sirens are not intended to be heard within the confines of a structure. If time allows, prior to siren activation you will receive a Nixle phone message alerting you of pending severe weather conditions.