The Communications Unit is supervised by Communications Supervisor and staffed by eight Communications Officers. This unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to dispatch police, fire and EMS personnel to 911 emergency and non-emergency calls.
Technology and capabilities of the Communications Unit includes:

Enhanced 9-1-1 - The Highland Village Police Communications Center is a member of the DENCO 911 District. The system is designed to automatically route any 9-1-1 call (including wireless) within the district's geographical boundaries, to the proper public safety answering point (PSAP) responsible for dispatching emergency services to the caller.

Computer Assisted Dispatching (CAD) - The police department uses a complete suite of CAD and public safety records management software from Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) to dispatch and document all public safety calls for service.

Mobile Data Computers (MDC) - The Communications Unit has the ability to communicate with officers in the field wirelessly through mobile data computers installed in patrol vehicles. These computers give officers direct access to police data, intelligence and reports.

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) - Telecommunicators are certified to provide emergency medical dispatch using Pro Q&A which helps them assess medical emergencies and provide appropriate instructions before an ambulance arrives.

TTD/TTY - Telecommunicators have the equipment and training necessary to communicate with callers who are Deaf or hearing/speech impaired.

Video Surveillance Monitoring - Surveillance cameras installed at key city facilities, jail, parks and retail shopping areas are readily accessible via large screen monitors in the communications center.