Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of police personnel assigned to Administration/Records, Animal Care, Civilian Auxiliary, Communications, Criminal Investigations and Community Services Unit. A Police Commander supervises the Division.

Administration/Records Unit
The Administrative and Records Unit consists of an Administrative Manager and Records Clerk. This unit is responsible for records management, open records requests, victims liaison, sex offender registration and other administrative duties.

Animal Care Unit
The Animal Care Unit consists of an Animal Care Officer who is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of animals and citizens within Highland Village.

Civilian Auxiliary Unit
The Civilian Auxiliary Unit consists of over 40 citizen volunteers who assist the police department in a variety of safety and prevention activities in direct support of police personnel.

Communications Unit
The Communications Unit is supervised by an Communications Supervisor and five Communications Officers. This unit is staffed 24 hours a day to dispatch police, fire and EMS personnel to 911 emergency and non-emergency calls.

Community Services Unit
The Community Services Unit consists of a Police Corporal assigned as Community Service and School Resource Officer, with one Public Safety Support Officer assigned as a Community Services and Business Liaison Officer.