TML Excellence Awards

Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award 2007 Highland Village Police Department (Communications) Severe Weather Analysis and Response Model (SWARM)
The police department in Highland Village developed an easily adaptable and cost-effective Severe Weather Analysis and Response Model to help make accurate, timely decisions about activating outdoor warning siren systems for severe weather. This user-friendly model includes a one-page worksheet that helps first responders quickly track storm progress, determine overall risk, and make a decision regarding siren system activation. See video here.

Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award 2006
Highland Village Police Department (Public Safety)
Police Involving Parents Program (PIP)

The city’s police department implemented an innovative program that turns potentially adverse youth interactions into positive partnerships between teens, parents, and police. Called “PIP” for “Police Involving Parents,” the program has diverted more than 150 teens to a “less than strict enforcement” alternative to resolving minor infractions. The program involves the parent or guardian in the resolution of non-traffic and non-drug-related Class C violations committed by first-time youth offenders. When a violation occurs, the youth’s parent is notified and encouraged to respond to the scene, where the parent is required to take custody of the youth, take responsibility for the youth’s future actions, and participate in the resolution process. With a success rate of over 97 percent, the program has enabled the police department to build lasting relationships and partnerships with the teens in the city. See video here.

Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award 2005
Highland Village Police Department (Public Safety)

The Highland Village Police Department implemented an innovative, easily adaptable, and cost-effective method for disseminating timely information to more than 1,200 residential households and local businesses. Dubbed “E-Watch,” this interactive communication tool combines modern technology with traditional neighborhood crime watch. Real-time information is relayed to members of a “cyber” neighborhood watch program using the Internet, e-mail, and web-based software-free services resulting in no cost to the city. Through E-Watch, participants are kept informed and up-to-date with the latest public safety information. Impressed with the success of the neighborhood program, the city soon expanded E-Watch to include local businesses. In the year since E-Watch was initiated, reported offenses in neighborhoods are down 16 percent and arrests are down 5 percent. See video here.