Officer Bradley
My name is Officer Bradley.  I am originally from Arlington, Texas. I am a graduate of the Collin County Law Enforcement Academy. Prior to entering Law Enforcement I worked in many areas of the retail industry, both in the field and corporate office. In my time off, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My hobbies include animated Christmas lights to music, horseback riding and working out.

If you ever have any questions about safety or crime please give one of us a call and we will be happy to meet with you. Our job as your AOR Officers is to monitor Area 9 for crime conducive conditions and to make certain that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. While patrolling Area 9 we look for things such as suspicious people, suspicious vehicles, faded traffic and street signs, and children who forgot their safety helmets.

There are approximately 580 homes and 1,870 residents in AOR 9.  AOR 9 is located on the northeast side of Highland Village and includes several parks (Copperas Branch, Lions Club, Wichita Forrest), boat docks and the YMCA camp. AOR 9 is also very close to Lewisville Lake.

Traffic can be a concern in AOR 9 because of its proximity to Highland Village Road. Remember to be cautious in the mornings and afternoon when school zone speed limits are in effect.

In regards to crime, AOR 9 is very safe, but as always, residents should be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles and report them immediately to our officers.  AOR 9 is a fun, safe and peaceful place to live. Contact me if you would like more information about our AOR.