Dismissal Information

Tickets for Expired Driver’s License and Expired Registration
To have the violation dismissed, you must correct the problem within 20 business days from the date the ticket was issued. Proof of renewal (receipt) must be presented to the Court and a $20 administrative fee must be paid. Both must be done within 20 business days from the date of the ticket. 
Tickets for No Driver’s License
If you had a valid Texas Driver's License at the time of the violation, bring it to the Court before the ticket due date. A $10 dismissal fee is due at the time of dismissal.

Tickets for No Proof of Financial Responsibility (Insurance)
To dismiss the violation, bring the Court proof that you have insurance that was valid on the date the violation was issued. Proof must be presented to the Court prior to the ticket due date. If accepted, there will be no fees charged.

Tickets for Defective or Altered Equipment
If you have received a ticket for defective or altered equipment, contact the Court at (972) 317-3660 as soon as possible to inquire about the dismissal/reduction options and their requirements.