Help Reduce Our Drainage Problems

Street Drainage
Proper street drainage cannot occur when our stormwater drains become clogged. Stormwater may sit for hours or days, waiting for the drains to clear. In some cases, yard ponding will cause or aggravate basement flooding. Flooded streets and yards can cause or aggravate health and safety problems and disrupt traffic.
You can help reduce drainage problems in Highland Village by:
  • Keeping streams, ditches and gutters free from debris, including trash, leaves and yard clippings.
  • Never dump or throw anything into the ditches or basins. Pouring wastes into storm drains directly impacts our environment. Oil, anti-freeze, paint, fertilizer and pesticides pollute the water, destroy plants, and endanger wildlife.
Open / Natural Areas
Highland Village's open and natural areas including Double Tree Ranch and many of our parks near the Lake provide many natural and beneficial functions in our community, including:
  • Reducing flood flows on downstream properties by absorbing rain and floodwater more easily than urbanized areas
protect our floodplains.jpg
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife species that cannot live or breed anywhere else.
  • Filtering pollutants in stormwater runoff, thereby making it cleaner for those downstream.
  • Keeping human development away as a natural buffer
  • Providing natural erosion control and open space to reduce future flooding