Street Sign Replacement

Traffic Sign Replacement Project
The Highland Village Street Maintenance Division has already met the Federal Highway Administration's new minimum brightness or retroflectivity standards required by the January 2018 deadline.
street sign.jpg
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the new standards will improve road safety by making streets easier to navigate at night-time and in other low-light conditions. The new standards, however, do not apply to such markings as crosswalks, chevrons, parking space markings, and lane-use arrows.

Highland Village's method for measuring the reflectivity of traffic signs and bringing them up to the new minimum requirements was established and implemented in January 2012. By January 2015, Highland Village identified all regulatory, warning, and ground-mounted guide signs (except street-names) needing replacement. All street name and overhead guide signs, maintained by the City, currently meet or exceed minimum reflectivity standards.