Homeowner Sewer Maintenance

Cracked pipes, leaky manholes, improperly connected storm drains, down spouts, pumps, and other openings, including exposed property line clean-outs are all places where water can flow into and infiltrate Highland Village's wastewater system. If the system becomes overwhelmed (particularly after heavy storms, rainfall, snowfall, or melting snow) sewage can back up and potentially overflow into the environment.

Sewage system inflow and infiltration impacts the size of Highland Village's treatment systems, and ultimately, the rate businesses and residents pay to operate and maintain it. Thus, an important objective of Highland Village's Utilities Division is to eliminate inflow and infiltration as a way to maximize our wastewater treatment facility's capacity, minimize our cost of sewage treatment, and prevent damaging environmental overflows.

Have a Home Sewer Problem, Stoppage, or Clog?
If you have a blockage or a back-up, contact the City at (972) 317-2989 or 972-317-6551 (after hours). City crews will respond to check the City's sewer main to verify that the sewer main is open and sewage is flowing. If the sewer main is found to be clear, it is the responsibility of the property owner to call a licensed plumber to correct the problem.