Sewer Services

Wastewater System
Highland Village's wastewater is treated at the Lakeview Regional Reclamation Plant located in Hickory Creek through a contract with the Upper Trinity Regional Water District.

The City of Highland Village is responsible for operating a wastewater collections system that encompasses approximately 90 miles of wastewater main, wastewater lift stations, manholes, and clean-outs. The primary focus of the wastewater collection system is to ensure delivery of wastewater in a smooth steady flow to the reclamation plant without any stoppages or blockages along the way.
The system functions by channeling sanitary sewer to the Lakeview Regional Reclamation Plant through a system of sewer mains running downhill with gravity. A total of nine lift stations function to raise the sewage back to a higher position so the flow can continue downhill with gravity. Routine flushing on our main lines has helped curb the costly repairs to the collection lines. In particular, an effort is made to minimize inflow and infiltration to reduce sewage treatment cost.