Water Conservation

Water DropOverview

With the end-goal of extending its available water supply and infrastructure into the future, the City of Highland Village has enacted measures to achieve reductions in per capita water consumption and response strategies to deal with unusually high water demands, unforeseen equipment/system failure, or contamination of the water supply source.

These measures are detailed in Highland Village's long term Water Conservation / Drought Contingency Plan.

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District provides many resources for water conservation tips. 

Water Usage

The amount of water a residence uses during the winter months determines what the sewer bill will be for the rest of the year. It's difficult for most people to get a feel for how much water they use and where they use it. Here's some helpful information:
  • Regular shower - 25 gallons
  • Full tub - 36 gallons
  • Toilet - 3-6 gallons
  • Washing machine - 30-60 gallons