Water Services

Superior Public Water System signWater Rating
The City of Highland Village is rated as a "Superior Public Water Supply" from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This rating is the highest rating given to a water system for excellence in meeting stringent water quality evaluation criteria.
The Utilities Operations Division is responsible for producing and distributing safe and reliable drinking water and for maintaining approximately 98 miles of water and sanitary sewer lines within Highland Village.

Water Sources
The City has a subscription with the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) to purchase 3 million gallons of treated drinking water per day. This is the primary source of the City’s drinking water. Highland Village also owns and maintains five water wells that produce 4.2 million gallons of water a day. These are used as needed to meet peak demand, especially during summer months of high usage.

The total combined amount from these two sources is normally sufficient to provide Highland Village residential and commercial consumers with the water they require, as well as to maintain adequate reserve quantities and pressure from our storage system to meet emergency and firefighting demands.