Police Civilian Auxiliary

Come Join Us, Be a Volunteer!

The Highland Village Police Auxiliary are a dedicated group of civilian volunteers that assists the department in a variety of activities concerning the safety, security, and welfare of Highland Village residents.  There are approximately 25-35 volunteers in our Police Auxiliary group and we are always looking for more!  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

How Do I Apply to Volunteer?

Click the above button or contact Cpl Mike MacLean via email here.

What Types of Activities Can Volunteers Participate In?

Civilian Auxiliary can help in a wide variety of ways based on their personal interest. Areas Include:
Volunteers in Patrol (VIPS)
Security patrols in marked VIP police vehicle, police bicycle, or police cart. Patrols include inland trail system, retail / commercial areas, as well as general city patrol.

Advanced Volunteers in Patrol (VIPS)
Volunteers who participate in advanced VIP training are authorized to issue handicap parking citations, conduct neighborhood speed watch operations, and other duties in support of police patrols.

Special Events

Event safety and security, traffic control, city festivals (Celebrate Highland Village, Balloon Festival, Fall Festival, Village Glows, HVPD Charity Bike Race), holiday park operations, parades, runs and races.

Critical Incidents

Disaster assistance, search and rescue, missing persons, and crime scene searches.

Sky Watch

Security and surveillance operations in our mobile observation tower in retail areas and at special events.

Bailiff Assistant

Assist Court Bailiff during Municipal Court proceedings.

Youth Activities

Electric scooter training, school fairs, and events, LETS assistance, school crossing guard substitute, Rosie the Robot and McGruff.


New member orientation, training of new volunteers, radio procedures, event planning, training coordination, operational plans, organizational charts and interview board assistance.

Membership is easy. If you are a Highland Village resident, simply complete the online interest form and you will be contacted with application procedures. 
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