Police Involving Parents (PIP)

Police Involving Parents (PIP) provides the opportunity for Police Officers and Parents to work together toward identifying less than “strict” enforcement methods of dealing with youth behavior. Generally this program will apply to youth involved in first time “Class C” misdemeanor behavior. These issues may include but are not limited to Traffic Offenses, Curfew Violations, Minors in Possession of Alcohol, Minor Theft, Class C Criminal Mischief, etc.

When these issues occur a Police Officer will determine eligibility and contact the youth’s parents or legal guardian from the offense location. Parents will be asked to respond to the location and assist the officer in identifying a resolution that is in the best interest of the youth. 

Every effort will be made to identify options which may include participation in the First Offender Program or parental commitment to actions that will assure that the problem does not occur again.