Solicitor Permits

Current Solicitor Permits

Conservation Contacts of Texas, Expires 10/03/2023

Total Hail Restoration, Expires 12/21/2023

The Dent Center, Expires 12/21/2023

Timberline Builders, Expires 12/21/2023

Apple Roofing, Expires 12/21/2023

Lonestar Exterior, Expires 12/21/2023

Jopco Roofing, Expires 12/27/2023

Climaply Commercial Roofing, Expires 12/27/2023

JWC Construction Group, Expires 12/29/23

GP Construction, Expires 12/29/23

Rebuild Texas Construction, Expires 12/29/23

KLM Roofing, Expires 01/14/24

Results Roofing, LLC, Expires 01/31/24

New View Roofing, Expires 01/31/24

Alpha Roofing & Restoration, Expires 2/15/24

Ernest Catering, Expires 2/18/24

Linear Roofing, Expires 3/28/24

Do I Need a Permit?

You MUST obtain a permit if you are attempting to:

Peddle, sell, solicit, canvass, or take orders for any services, wares, merchandise, or goods, or any article of value, including plants, flowers, paintings, novelties, painting house numbers on streets, firewood, books, magazines, photographs, or any articles for future delivery, on a sidewalk, parking lot or parkway within the city or from door to door without having first obtained a permit therefore from the city.

The following individuals are exempt from fees for obtaining a permit but must still register: 

  • Public utility companies or others operating under a franchise granted by the city.
  • Commercial agents dealing with local business establishments in the usual course of business.
  • Insurance, real estate and others licensed by the state which are subject to financial disclosure under state or federal law.
The following individuals are exempt from obtaining a permit or registering: 
  • Religious, political, or nonprofit organizations and their representatives are exempt from the registration and permit requirements of this article.

Solicitor Regulations

All solicitors, regardless of whether they are required to obtain a permit are required to observe the following regulations:

  • Only allowed Monday - Saturday, Standard Time — allowed at a private residence from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
    Daylight Savings Time — allowed at a private residence from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.
  • No solicitations on January 1st, July 4th, the fourth Monday in May, the 1st Monday in September, the fourth Thursday of November, December 25th, or on any Sunday.
  • Children under ten (10) years of age can only participate if supervised by an adult person at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Need a Permit?

  • Download the Solicitor's Permit Application
  • Complete an Additional Solicitor form for each person who will be soliciting for your organization (at the back of the application)
  • Turn in the completed applications along with (2) passport size photos and a copy of the drivers license for each individual applying.
  • All applicants must pass a background investigation
  • It takes 7 - 10 business days to receive your permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The original application is $200, each additional applicant is $50.
  • The solicitor's permit is valid for 180 days, renewal 90 days.
  • If you come in to renew your permit BEFORE the expiration date, you can renew the permit with no changes (no additional persons may be added) for no charge.
  • Each permit is allowed one free 90 day renewal.

Solicitor Ordinance & Questions

Click here for a link to our city ordinance regarding solicitors.  If you have any questions regarding the solicitor permits, contact Police Records at (972) 317-5558 ext 555.