Vacation Watch

Registration Is Easy

  • Online: Click the "Register Here" to the right or go to:
  • Phone: Call (972) 317-6551, be sure to have your information ready.
  • Fax: Download the Vacation Watch Form and fax it to (972) 899-5088.
  • In Person: Stop by the PD and complete the form, or drop it off at anytime.
  • Pick Up: Call the PD at (972) 317-6551 when your form is ready and we will send an officer to your home to pick it up.

HVPD will patrol your home while you are on vacation. Officers look for any signs of unusual activity or suspicious persons around your home. During the past year, we conducted thousands of vacation watch checks while homeowners were out of town.

Note: The US Postal Service offers an online tool to suspend mail service while you are out of town and resume it upon your return. For more information visit USPS here.

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