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Specialty Pet Training Classes

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Specialty Pet Training Fall 2022 SchedulePuppy Kindergarten and Behavior Workshops will be offered by Specialty Pet Training at Doubletree Ranch Park on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

To register, go to or for more information call 972-768-7947.

Puppy Kindergarten Class 
This 4-week class covers all things puppy! In this class we will work on all the early development skills your young puppy needs to grow up into a well-adjusted adult dog. We also introduce your puppy to all the basic manners & skills. This is an investment in your puppy’s future!! Puppies 12 weeks to 4 months are encouraged to join. (No reactive or aggressive dogs allowed.)

Behavior Workshop
This 1-night single 1.5 hour behavior workshop is perfect to take your dog’s basic skills to the next level.  It is offered monthly so you can come back as your dog’s skills need the refinement.  We will focus on refining skills such as: No jumping on guests, walking nicely on leash/heel and puppy socials.  (No reactive or aggressive dogs allowed.)