Leash Law

Animals at Large (Leash Law, Section 4.042)
Any person owning, possessing or keeping animals within the City shall:
  • Confine such animals within an adequate fence or enclosure, or within a house, garage, or other building; or
  • Shall keep such animals confined by leash or chain affixed the animal's collar and under control of a person
  • Retractable leashes must be locked at a distance of four feet or less when in the immediate proximity of a passerby.
Impounding Of Dogs (Sec. 14-83)
The animal care officer may take into custody any dog found at large within the City of Highland Village:
  • Any dog at large shall be impounded in the designated City shelter.
  • An impounded dog shall be held for a three-day period.
  • After the third day of impounding, a dog not claimed and the proper fee paid, the dog shall be released for adoption.
More Information
For more information, please contact Animal Care Services at (469) 444-0915.