Permit Application Forms

Permits are required before performing any new construction, addition, alteration or repair of existing buildings and structures. Before a permit is issued, a completed application must be submitted. The 86th Texas Legislature changed the way in which cities calculate the charges for building permit fees. Highland Village City Council established the new fee structure to comply with state law on June 11, 2019, effective on May 21, 2019 in conjunction with the new law. 2019 Building Permit Fee Structure

For your convenience, the City of Highland Village now offers an online portal for entering an application only for Plumbing, Roofing, Mechanical, Irrigation, and Electrical permits. You must be a registered contractor that is current on your registration with the City of Highland Village to participate in online permitting. If you are registered with the City as a user, enter your name and password to be redirected to your account. If you are not registered, you are required to register in person at the City of Highland Village Building Inspections/Permits counter.

Plumbing permits are now only offered through the Public Portal and are paid for through PayPal. You will need to create an account if this is your first time to use the portal. Your permit will be emailed to you upon review by the permitting department. 

The portal works best on the Chrome platform. Online Permit Portal 

Here are links for directions on filling out the PlumbingRoofing, Mechanical, Irrigation, or Electrical permits.

Payment for all permits can be made in person at the City of Highland Village located at:
City of Highland Village
Building Inspections/Permits
1000 Highland Village Rd.
Highland Village, TX 75077


Click below to access print versions of the following permit applications:
In most circumstances, it may take up to ten business days to process a permit application. Additionally, three complete sets of plans are required to obtain building permits for most projects. For additional information contact the Building Inspections Department at (972) 899-5093.