Battery Collection Program

Republic Services' Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling Service offers Highland Village residents a safe disposal option for household batteries. This convenient service encourages proper recycling of batteries to prevent improper disposal. Battery Buckets are located in the Municipal Complex, and the Public Works Building. Residents simply deposit unwanted household batteries directly into the containers. It's that easy! 

Dispose of the following items into the container:

  • NiCad Batteries - rechargeable
  • Alkaline/Zinc-Carbon batteries - one time use
  • Lithium Primary batteries - one time use
  • Nickel Zinc batteries - one time use
  • Silver Oxide batteries - one time use (hearing aid, etc.)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries - rechargeable (used in cell phones)
  • Lithium Ion batteries rechargeable (used in computers, cell phones)
  • Mercury batteries - one time use (hearing aids, watches)
  • Cell Phones including batteries
  • Handheld organizers, PDA's and pagers
Batteries collected through this program are sent for recycling.