Animal Service Fees

Animal Fee Amount Ordinance Reference
Impound Fee $25.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(1) and 4.02.002(b)(1)
Boarding Fee (per day) $15.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(2) and 4.02.002(b)(2)
Exotic Animal Registration $50.00 Sec. 4.01.003(b)(4) and 4.01.014(f)(1)
Rabies Quarantine (Shelter)(per day) $20.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(6) and 4.03.004(c)
Owner Surrender-Unsterilized/Unvaccinated $100.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(8)
Owner Surrender-Unsterilized/Vaccinated $90.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(8)
Owner Surrender-Sterilized/Unvaccinated $60.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(8)
Owner Surrender-Sterilized/Vaccinated $30.00 Sec. 4.01.003(a)(8)
Deceased Animal Removal-Domestic Animal/Wildlife $25.00 Sec.4.01.003(a)(9) and 4.01.012
Trap Permit (90 day)-City Provided Trap (Includes trap services)  $100.00  Sec. 4.01.015(b)
Trap Permit (90 day)-Owner Provided Trap
No fee unless trap serviced, then $50 per service, max $100 service fees within 90 days.
No Fee
Sec. 4.01.015(b)
Euthanasia (Must also add applicable surrender fee) 50.00 Sec. 4.02.003
Adoption Fee (Waived as of 07/05/2022) Waived Sec.4.02.004(a)(1)
Animals in Excess Permit $50.00 Sec. 4.04.001(a)(5) & Sec . 4.04.001(b)
Dangerous Dog Registration $100.00 Sec. 4.04.048(a)(2)