Capital Improvement Projects

The Highland Village City Charter calls for submission to Council of a five-year capital budget. This provides an opportunity for Council to see a multi-year outlook for planning purposes. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is presented at the beginning of budget discussions to provide the framework for consideration of the current year’s budget and resulting tax rate. These projects are non-operational, "big ticket" items that typically require outside funding sources such as debt issuance, grant, or lease/purchase arrangements. 

Here is an update on the Capital Improvement Projects planned for 2020. 

2020 Asphalt Overlay Project – This project consists of placing an asphalt overlay on identified streets as funded through the Streets Operating budget.  Affected areas will be notified by the City prior to moving into the construction phase.  The project bid on July 16th, 2020 and will move into the construction phase in the late summer, 2020.

Concrete Pavement Panel Replacement Project – The City contracts with SAZ Infrastructure to replace concrete pavement panels that measure 10’ X 10’.  The City has identified several areas throughout the City that have concrete panels in various stages of failure. The panel replacements are complete, the focus was in the Briarhill and Highland Shores subdivisions this year.  The City had funding to replace approximately 40 concrete panels Fiscal Year 2020.  

Briarhill Boulevard sidewalk (Shannon Lane to District of Highland Village) – This project consists of installing approximately 400 linear feet of new 4-foot wide sidewalk, ADA ramps and associated appurtenances.  Design of the project is complete, the City will utilize its existing contract with SAZ Infrastructure to construct the sidewalk.  A PO has been issued for this project.  It is anticipated that the contractor will start late summer, 2020.

Water Line Replacement Project – The City identified the water main lines on Glenmere Dr., Camden Dr., Turpin Dr., and La Mesa Dr. to be replaced as well as an 18-inch sewer main located in a rear property easement of Turpin Dr.  City staff is working with engineering on the civil design.  It is anticipated that this project could go to construction in 2020. 

Wastewater Main Restoration Project – This project consists of replacing the earthen cover material that has eroded away over the past 23-years on the 24/27-inch trunk sewer main that is located along the shores of the lake.  The City identified this main line as in need of restoration during an annual inspection.  City forces placed earthen cover over approximately 700-linear feet of sewer main in the summer of 2019 and anticipates constructing more earthen cover during the dry months of the 2020 year.  

Water and sewer service for the northwest part of the City – The City is working with our consultant-engineering firm and attorneys to explore the possibility in serving water and sewer to the northwest part of the City.  To serve the area, the City will be required to increase its CCN, obtain a permit from the USACE and TxDOT, as well as work with the UTRWD and Cross Timbers Water Supply Corp. for interconnections and capacities.  

Highland Shores Ground Storage Reservoir painting project – The City has six ground storage reservoirs that require ongoing maintenance as mandated by the TCEQ.  The City has funded a project to paint the inside and outside of the Highland Shores tank. The project was awarded to a contractor. The tank will be taken out of service and painted during the fall, 2020 as to not affect the peak water demand.      

Miscellaneous Motor Control Improvements Project – The City identified the existing electrical and telemetry panels located at Lift Station #2, Idlewild Elevated Storage site and the Highland Shores pump station to be replaced due to age and availability of repair parts.  The project consists of designing new panels, having the panels fabricated and installing the panels with minimal disruption of service.  The project was awarded in June, 2020 to a contractor.  Construction is underway and is anticipated to be complete fall, 2020.

Unity Park Elevated Storage Reservoir painting project – The City has two elevated storage reservoirs that require ongoing maintenance as mandated by the TCEQ.  The City has funded a project to paint the inside and outside of the Unity Park elevated storage tank.  A task order for design was awarded to an engineering firm in June, 2020.  It is anticipated to be painted during the winter months of 2020-2021.

FM407 Sanitary Sewer Main Crossing KCS RXR – The City identified the existing sanitary sewer crossing at the FM407 water plant site and the KCS RXR is in need of rehabilitation.  The project will consist of designing a new pipe to cross under the railroad to allow uninterrupted sewer service to the area.  Design and construction is anticipated to be during the 2021 budget year.

Page Updated: July 23, 2020