Posted on: January 25, 2017

Speed Survey Findings

One of the many tasks of any police department is to help curtail speeding.  Highland Village PD (HVPD) is no exception and we employ many resources to try to keep our city and citizens safe.  Tickets are an unfortunate part of the non-compliance from drivers, but let me stress, not the priority of the priority.  

Over the past 3 years our traffic stops result in 65% warnings!  Many things contribute to this:  a visible presence by the police; roadside digital traffic speed boards; posted speed limit signs; but the probably the most significant contributing factor is that of the driver.  

Speed limits in Texas are set by the “85th percentile method”, which represents the speed the majority (or 85%) of drivers will be traveling at or below and a concept which has been incorporated into  the engineering principle to set speed limits on streets and roads for over 60 years.  In conjunction with the 85th percentile method, HVPD encourages officer discretion during traffic enforcement.  

It’s true in the City of Highland Village!  HVPD over the past 4 years has discreetly recorded data in 75 speed surveys throughout the City.  HVPD embraces a true Community Policing Philosophy using education, presence, and collaboration to reach or exceed our community’s goals.  The speed survey results disclosed in every street survey that the vehicles traveling in our City have never exceeded the 85th percentile rule!

HVPD will continue its partnership with the City to deter speeding and enforce when necessary.  We continuously encourage our residents to let us know if they believe there is a speed problem in any part of the City so we may deploy a wide variety of resources to investigate and/or resolve any safety issues.

Thank you for all of your support to the Police Department and for the partnership that continues to make our City not only safe, but GREAT!

Chief Doug Reim

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