Proposition 2

Parks and Recreation Improvements - $4.29M

Unity Park - $2.54MUnity Park is Highland Village’s only community park which includes multiple amenities for resident use including the brand new dog park.

  • The Kids Kastle play area is at the end of its useful life and in need of replacement with new recycled plastic materials that will provide increased safety and less maintenance.
  • The ponds at Unity Park require dredging to remove the accumulated silt and improvements to address drainage considerations. A drainage study conducted in 2017 recommended making improvements to accommodate a 50-year flood which will also benefit the surrounding area.
  • A section of the park will be redeveloped to add an additional softball field to complement the existing baseball fields

Sunset Point Park - $162,700Sunset Park is classified as a mini park and serves local residents as a neighborhood park site and provides water access to Lewisville Lake. The development will address erosion issues and safety concerns along with enhanced roadway completion to facilitate emergency vehicle access and turn around capabilities. Public input was solicited on the design for the park in the spring of 2017 and was approved by Council.

Brazos Park Parking Lot - $353,000Several years ago a parking lot was built at this park to alleviate parking on adjacent streets. Popularity of the fields has prompted the need to increase the size of the parking area by an additional 50 spaces.

Highland Village Road Sidewalk - $922,300
Construction of the sidewalk on Highland Village Road from the Municipal Complex to Sellmeyer Lane to increase pedestrian safety and connect residents to amenities along Highland Village Road. A large number of residents adjacent to this section have no access to the City trail system to connect to Lions Club Park, Lakeside Community Park, and Doubletree Ranch Park. This presents a potential safety issue as people walk the two-lane Highland Village Road to access these amenities.

Victoria Park - $198,000
The current walking track is badly cracked and uneven, causing a tripping hazard to patrons. The track would  be resurfaced and replaced with a six foot concrete path.