1. Animal Care Services

    Animal Care Services delivers effective, courteous, and responsive animal care and control to the residents of Highland Village. They accomplish this by enforcing all City ordinances and state laws related to animals, as well as promoting responsible pet guardianship through education, mediation, and enforcement.

  2. Building Inspections

    The mission of the Building Inspections & Permits Department is to ensure the safety and welfare of the general public by enforcing structural, building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical code regulations within the City.

  3. City Manager

    The City Manager's Office continues to focus on the City Council's goal through the advancement of economic development, enhanced community communication, public safety, improvement of transportation alternatives, improvement of our parks, and strengthening the financial stability of the City.

  4. City Secretary

    The City Secretary's Office provides staff support to the City Council and manages the preservation of official records of the City in accordance with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Records Retention Schedule. They are responsible for providing documents requested under the Public Information Act, administering municipal elections, and posting public notices.

  5. Code Enforcement

    Code Enforcement works with residents to maintain and improve the quality of life in Highland Village by enforcing City ordinances related to public nuisance issues.

  6. Communication

    City communications are overseen and administered through the Public Affairs Division. The Public Affairs Manager works with all City departments and the City Council to provide current information to residents about local government services and programs.

  7. Community Services

    The Community Services goal is to provide a high level of customer service in Code Enforcement, Building Inspections & Permits, and Economic Development.

  8. Economic Development

    Highland Village is committed to the development of a quality community with a top-ranked educational system, family-oriented environment, and the planned preservation of open space throughout a lakefront community.

  9. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for accurate accounting and financial reports, administration of purchasing services, investment of City funds, the City's operating and capital budgets, and the financial management of revenues. Utility Billing, Municipal Court, and Public Affairs are all functions within the Finance Department.

  10. Fire Department

    The mission of the Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of our community with exceptional care and service.

  11. GIS

    As part of the Information Services Department, the purpose of the GIS Division is to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data.

  12. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is a strategic partner in management's ongoing efforts to utilize the City's human capacity effectively and to structure the organization to meet Council's objectives as well as citizens' expectations.

  13. Municipal Court

    The Municipal Court is responsible for accurate, expeditious service relating to all cases filed in the Municipal Court in accordance with City ordinances and state laws.

  14. Parks & Recreation

    Parks & Recreation strives to establish recreation programs and a park system for our citizens that provides them with a source of pleasure and opportunity for healthy activity, promotes economic development, minimizes demand on valuable City resources, and instills pride in those who provide and utilize our facilities and services.

  15. Police Department

    The Police Department focuses on making Highland Village a safe and enjoyable place to live by building programs that support our Community Oriented Public Safety (COPS) philosophy.

  16. Public Works

    Public Works is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure found in the City's right-of-way, managing the City's water and wastewater infrastructure, reviewing infrastructure improvement plans, and managing the City's vehicle fleet, equipment, and facilities.

  17. Utility Billing

    Utility Billing is responsible for monthly utility bills, setting up new accounts, modifying existing accounts, and assisting residents with inquiries relating to their accounts.

  18. Utility Operations

    The City of Highland Village’s Utilities Operations Division is responsible for providing residents with water, wastewater, and drainage services.