Campaign Forms for Use After Filing for Office

Once your application is filed with the City Secretary, the following forms may be utilized during your campaign:
  • Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report (Form C/OH) and Instruction Guide
    These forms are to be filed with the City Secretary on dates specified on the form. There is a modified reporting statement for those candidates not planning to spend more than $500. Candidates are encouraged to pay close attention to their expense forms. Per Texas Law, these forms are considered public record.
  • Candidate/Officeholder Report of Unexpended Contributions (Form C/OH-UC) and Instruction Guide
  • Correction Affidavit for Candidate/Officeholder (Form COR-C/OH)
  • Amendment to Appointment of Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate (Form ACTA) and Instruction Guide
  • Designation of Final Report (Form C/OH-FR) and Instruction Guide
    This form is to be filed at the end of the election or when you are no longer receiving or spending political contributions. The final report form is included with (Form C/OH) and is designated as form C/OH-FR. Please refer to the Instruction Guide, which explains how to complete this form.
  • Title 15 of the Texas Election Code by the Texas Ethics Commission
    This information pertains to the filing requirements of campaign expenditure reports. Title 15 also contains regulations on political advertising.
  • Texas Ethics Commission Publications -- Campaign Finance Filing Guide for Candidates and Officeholders; Political Advertising - What You Need to Know
  • Affinity and Consanguinity Charts as they relate to Conflict of Interest.
Note: In addition to requirements of Texas state law, the Highland Village City Charter (Section 8.02D) requires candidates to file a public disclosure with the City Secretary. This provision requires candidates to file a financial disclosure statement with the City Secretary twenty-one (21) days prior to the day of election. The last day to file the disclosure statement is April 17, 2016.

The Texas Ethics Commission is responsible for interpreting Campaign Finance Law (Title 15). You may direct questions about campaign finance law to the Ethics Commission at 512-463-5800. Information may also be accessed at the Texas Ethics Commission website.