Electronic Payment Drafting

Sign Up for Electronic Bill Drafting

Never worry about missing the due date by signing up to have your utility bill electronically drafted each month! You also get a $5 discount each month when using electronic payment drafting.

To sign up for electronic bill drafting:
  • Complete the Authorization for Electronic Bank Drafting Form.
  • After receiving your authorization, a pre-note (test transaction) will be sent with our next billing cycle.
    • Your account will not be drafted the first month - you will receive a regular bill. Pay as you normally do.
  • Unless there are problems with the pre-note (we will contact you if so), the next billing will be electronically drafted.
    • You will still receive a statement the first week of the month - so you can see how much your bill will be.
    • If your bill says, "Do Not Pay - Account will be Drafted," you are set to go!
    • Your bank will deduct the utility bill amount on or about the 20th of each month and forward your payment to the City.