Garbage & Recycling


Weekly trash and recycling services in Highland Village are provided by Waste Management. Waste Management also collects residential yard waste on a weekly basis (Mondays) for use in a composting program.

  • • Waste management runs from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday. 
  • • If your trash has not been picked up by 7 PM, fill out the online report or call Waste Management and they will reschedule your pick up.
  • • The city provides one recycle cart. Additional recycle carts are an extra $2 per month charge. 
  • • The city does not provide your trash container. 
  • • Waste Management picks up yard clippings for the entire city on Mondays - that's over 5000 homes - so please follow the guidelines
  • • We have a household hazardous waste program; just call 1-800-449-7587 to schedule a pick up. 
  • • Residents get one free disposal per month at the Lewisville landfill, just take your driver’s license and current water bill and if both show the same address, you're good to go. 
Report a missed pickup or service complaint and we will contact Waste Management. By filling out the form we are better able to log and track your request.

Residents can contact Waste Management at 972-315-5400 for questions / bulk pick-ups / missed collections.