Code of Ordinances

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The City's Code of Ordinances is codified through Ordinance 2015-1190, which was approved on November 10, 2015. A listing of ordinances approved, but not yet codified, are included below for your convenience.


  • Ordinance 2015-1191  Issuing GO Refunding Bonds for the Funding of Capital Projects
  • Ordinance 2015-1192  Approving Issuance and Sale of Tax Notes
  • Ordinance 2016-1193  Granting a Conditional Use Permit for an Indoor Kennel on the Property Located at 1830 Justin Road, Lot 1, Block F, Highland Plaza Shopping Center
  • Ordinance 2016-1194  Re-adopting in its entirety Article 14.04 "Parks and Recreation" Division 7 "Youth Standards of Care" of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Highland Village, Texas, setting forth and adopting the Standards of Care for Youth Programs offered by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Ordinance 2016-1195  Abandoning all right, title, and interest in a portion of Sellmeyer Lane described and depicted in Exhibit "A" ; providing for the recording of a certified copy of this ordinance in the official public records of Denton County, Texas; Authorizing the City Manager to execute any documents necessary to complete abandonment.
  • Ordinance 2016-1196 Amending the comprehensive zoning ordinance and zoning district map of the City of Highland Village as previously amended, by amending the development and use of regulations applicable to a 1.0+ acre tract of land our of Lot 1R, Block E, Valley Ridge Center - presently zoned planned development- retail (PD-R) Pursuant to Ordinance 04-954.
  • Ordinance 2016-1197 Approving a negotiated settlement between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and the Atmos Energy Corp.
  • Ordinance 2016-1198 Repealing Section 14-03-003 of the Highland Village Code of Ordinances relating to the establishment of guidelines and procedures for the naming of City Parks.
  • Ordinance 2016-1200 Amending Alcoholic Beverages Code of Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2016-1201 Amending the comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map Relating to the use and development of a 15.0969+ acre tract of land (Over 55 Community). 
  • Ordinance 2016-1202 Amending various sections of Article 14.04 "Parks and Recreation" of the Code of Ordinances
  • Ordinance 2016-1203 Amending in its entirety Division 7 "Energy Conservation Code" of Chapter 24, "Building Regulations," Article 24302 "Technical and Construction Codes and Standards" of the Code of Ordinances by adopting the 2015 Edition of the International Energy Conservation Code with Local Amendments.
  • Ordinance 2016-1204 Adopting Amendments to the Fiscal Year 2015/2016 Budget
  • Ordinance 2016-1205 Electing to make current service and prior service contributions to the City's account in the benefit accumulation fund of the Texas Municipal Retirement System at the actuarially determined rate of total employee compensation.